Tuesday, August 11, 2015


This week was pretty slow as far as the work goes. Sister Pierce did a lot of packing, and we both did a whole bunch of cleaning and visiting people in preparation for her going home and me getting a new companion.  We drove down to Rapid City Wednesday night and stopped in the Badlands, so I can officially say that I've been there. It was so cool! It felt sci-fi-y.

                                 BADLANDS...SOUTH DAKOTA

                             SISTER CLARK LOOKS LOST IN THE BADLANDS

                                 NOT ALONE AFTER ALL!

We spent the night with the Mount Rushmore sisters in their apartment, and then I sent Sister Pierce on her way on the transfer train the next morning. It was a little sad, but mostly I'm happy that she gets to see her family again. AND, she got to go to the temple right before she left, which was the first time since leaving the MTC that she was able to do that. The cool thing about Thursday was that I got to hang out with Sister Cavey all day until the transfer train came back down from Bismarck.


When it got closer to the time for the train to come, a bunch of missionaries were waiting at the church, and we all decided to play ultimate frisbee... it's hard to get into it while wearing a skirt, though; but doable :)  AND THEN, finally, at around 9:30, my new companion arrived. Her name is Sister Stone, and she's the sweetest thing! I'm training her for the next 12 weeks. She and I get along pretty well so far :)

The mission reopened the Chaimberlain area again, which is in our district, so we have more missionaries at district meetings now. I'm excited for that, because now we can have district lunches! Food is always good.

That's pretty much all of the big stuff for this week. Love you bunches!

Sister Clark