Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This week has been pretty cool! Sister Pierce and I volunteer at a nursing home here in Valentine on Tuesdays to do nails for the ladies there, and Saturdays for bingo. It's really fun :) Sister Pierce wasn't feeling well on Saturday morning, so bingo was foregone this week (I think that makes sense).

I don't know if I already told you, but last P-Day we went shopping for food and a brother from our branch gave us extra money. We bought so many gloriously healthy and delicious things! I've never been so excited about food in my life. I'm still super happy every time I open the fridge. We eat well.

We walked a bit this week because we're short on miles (actually we don't have to drive all the way to Rapid, so technically we're not..), and it was gorgeous! I took a couple of pictures. I really, REALLY love Valentine. I've been very spoiled here. We had District Meeting on Thursday, and ALL THE FOOD WAS GREEN! They made me a greenie meal! I was very touched.

We went to the Fuller family's house for dinner, and they had a birthday celebration for Sister Pierce, since it was the next day. They made enchiladas, which were divine, and there was cake! They even got Sister Pierce a journal as a present :) The Fullers were also celebrating the birthday of their daughter, Faith, who has the same birthday as Sister Pierce. Brother and Sister Fuller got me a journal, too, because they didn't want me to feel left out. I was so excited! I really love them. They're all so sweet, and they have a wonderful spirit in their home.

On Friday morning, we were invited to go to a branding, which is when calves are vaccinated, branded, and castrated when applicable. It was kind of cool, but pretty intense. There were a whole lot of people there on horses to help corral and lasso the calves. Everything was super efficient. Everyone was excited about it, and Sister Pierce was eager to try wrestling a calf down so that necessary operations could be performed. I was perfectly happy leaving it to the experts ;)  After the branding was done, we all went to eat lunch... it was a glorious feast with lots of meat and potatoes, and home-made pies, and brownies, and home-made cheesecake.

Also, it's constantly windy here! Quite an adjustment, but it'll be super nice in the summer. We had another tornado warning Sunday night, but we just stayed in the apartment because we had to pack for Monday. We had a plan to go to the basement of the building if the tornado alarm sounded, but it never did.

I've been role-playing a lot with Sister Pierce, focusing mostly on the Restoration, and I can see my improvements. It's really cool. Sister Pierce is an awesome trainer! I've also been learning a lot about patience this week, mostly with myself. Elder Bednar's Mormon messages called 'Patterns of Light' are SUPER good.

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday! It was SO GOOD. I got to see my MTC companion, Sister Cavey, and also another person from our MTC district, Elder Fillmore. I enjoyed the mini reunion :) I love being with so many people who share the same purpose! I was able to get different ideas and approaches to teaching, which was much needed. The spirit was so strong there! I left the conference feeling extremely motivated and excited to do missionary work. I LOVE being a missionary! It was Sister Pierce's last Zone Conference, so she bore her testimony, and it was wonderful. She and I were asked to sing, and we sang Be Still My Soul. It was really cool how the song went perfectly with what was being taught at conference. The spirit definitely helped us a whole lot.

I think my favorite thing so far about being a missionary is when I have out-of-the-blue moments where I realize, "Man. The Lord really loves these people." It's so wonderful that when we mess up, he patiently and lovingly waits for us to ask Him for help to be better. Heavenly Father wants to bless us so much! But He can only do that if we let Him.

Sister Clark

p.s. Sister Clark was not able to post her pictures this week. Her computer was giving her trouble. She will post them next week.

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