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This week was a bit slow, but that's alright! We were able to see Jessica, a mom who we meet with every Wednesday to read the Book of Mormon. She's not entirely sure if the book is true, she is mostly reading it for its historical significance, but she's such a sweet woman! She has definitely felt the spirit, though, that's for sure. Her daughter, Kimber, drew us a picture that I have taped to the wall beside my study desk. It always makes me smile. I just want them to have the gospel! Sometimes I wish I could shout it to the mountain tops.

On Friday, we were invited to the Johnson family's home for dinner. They're so awesome. Sister Johnson is super good at pretty much everything crafty. Her house looks like it could be on Pinterest. And she loves flowers. She is such an awesome member missionary! She is really great at talking to her friends about church and offering to help them come to know Christ better. Sister Johnson impresses me every time I see her. President Johnson is the Ward Mission Leader, and conveniently we had an appointment with a part-member family right after dinner that President Johnson was coming to. The lesson was SO AMAZING. It was the first time where I felt the spirit so strongly and I knew that the family we were teaching felt it, too! It was amazing. We read out of the Book of Mormon and talked about how all of the questions we have can be answered through diligent and sincere study of this book. It's true, everyone! The Book of Mormon is inspired of God and it testifies of Christ!

I love being a missionary. LOVE IT.

We were able to go to dinner at Branch President Orton's home Sunday night. Let me just tell you, his family is the best. As soon as we walked in the door, I felt right at home. They live on a ranch, as do a lot of members out here in Nebraska, and they have a whole bunch of cows!  His daughter, Cailin, showed us her flower bed and the family garden, and the little sons were super eager to show us the snakes they had killed and hung on the fence... which was a bit gross, but their desire to share was endearing. Everything we had for dinner was home grown, including the meat, which was awesome. We laughed through the entire dinner! It was awesome. I was crying from laughter.. but I guess that's not too surprising :)

We shared a message with the Orton family about how, when we prepare questions that we have about the gospel, we can find answers at church if we listen intently. Afterward, we ate what was probably the most delicious thing I've had since being here: strawberry rhubarb cheesecake. Sister Orton started making it when we got there, and she missed the part where it said to let it hill for 8 hours, so we just ate it hot. I'm so glad we did! It was divine.

Today (Monday), we were able to go to lunch with a couple of ladies in the branch, and the place we ate at has the best quesadilla that I've ever eaten, barring my Nana's breakfast quesadillas. I love food. We'll be going to help a new family move in this evening. I'm so excited! They have six kids, two of which are youth age. There's another family of eight moving in either this month or next, so that's super cool.

I was reminded this week of something one of my MTC teachers said about how it's not necessarily important what we say to our investigators, but what the Spirit teaches through us. I think that's pretty true. I've been learning this week about how the Holy Ghost helps us to emulate Christ's love for everyone. I read President Henry B. Eyring's conference talk in the May Ensign entitled The Comforter, which talks about how, when we were baptized and given the gift of the Holy Ghost, we were given the ability to love and care for those around us. This confused me slightly, because there are plenty of good, compassionate people that I know that are not members of the church. On Sunday, a brother in our branch gave a talk, and in his talk he referenced Mosiah18:10 where it mentions the Lord's desire to "pour out his Spirit more abundantly upon you." Through that, the Holy Ghost was able to help me better understand in President Eyring's talk that receiving his constant companionship will increase our predisposition and capacity to love and have charity, and to also bear one another's burdens as we are charged to do. I think that's a marvelous blessing! 

That was a pretty cool experience. I love learning new things! It's so amazing every time I come to understand the Savior even a little bit more. It's pretty crazy how much He loves us.

Being a missionary is the craziest thing.

Sister Clark

                                        LOOKS PRETTY GREEN!





                            A STREET SIGN IN VALENTINE, NEBRASKA

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