Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I've decided to join all of the cute little grandmas of the world and take up crocheting. I really wanted to make an afghan, so I bought yarn and a crochet hook and I work on it before bed. It's very relaxing; I highly recommend it.
Last P-day, we were with the sisters in Pierre, and we all went frisbee golfing. The elders joined us. I was apprehensive at first, because I've never really enjoyed "frolfing," as they liked to call it. However, I found it to be extremely fun! It was probably very hilarious to watch Sister Pierce and I try to launch the disk and then watch it hit a tree. Every. Time. I got it down by the end though :) The whole time we were outside, apparently there are cotton fields nearby because there were little cotton fluffs that flew everywhere. It looked like it was snowing! IN JUNE! Also, the mosquitoes are huge. And everywhere.
Most of our appointments this week fell through. We went to see Lori on Tuesday, but she wasn't feeling well so we ended up talking to her sister-in-law, Michelle. We were excited because we thought she might want to sit in on Lori's lesson on Thursday, but when we got there we found out that Michelle was in the hospital. It was heartbreaking! She seems to be feeling better now, though. Fingers crossed.
Sister Pierce introduced me to the miracle of cake pops this week. I grow to love her more and more each day. We also found out that I met her cousin at EFY one year, which was crazy. It was one of those small-world moments.
We had a lesson with Rochelle and her family this week, and it was AMAZING! We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we shared the Mormon message about Stephanie Nielson (I can't remember what it's called). They were so attentive and engaged, which was really awesome. Usually they're very quiet and so I can't really gauge what they're feeling. The spirit was so strong! 
On Saturday, we were able to help a family move, which I always enjoy. They were moving out, which was sad, but I love giving service! It makes everyone happy. There were cookies, also, and that helped. President Orton and his family took Sister Pierce and I out to lunch afterward at Pizza Hut. I absolutely LOVE spending time with that family. I feel right at home. They bought Sister Pierce and I each a pizza to take home, so we have lots of pizza to eat this week. But it's good pizza, so it's okay.
Sundays are special days. I really love them. This Sunday's service was super great! One of our recently-not-recent converts gave her first talk! AND, she had just gone to the temple for the first time! IT WAS SO COOL. I always love hearing her testimony. She isn't very eloquent, but she has a way of quietly and powerfully bringing the spirit. The son of one of our members just returned from his mission, so he spoke as well. And, since it was Father's Day, I couldn't help but miss Papa Bear. 
Today, we had another branding. I can't believe they invited us back! But they did. AND, I'm almost ashamed to say it, I had fun. ACTUAL FUN. I participated in the activities. My initial apprehensions about harming baby calves were dashed. Plus, there was good food afterward :) this particular branding was a lot less stressful, though, because they only had about 40 calves to worry about instead of a few hundred. I would like to think that I was gentle, though... it would ease my conscience, anyway.
I read in Matthew 5 and 6 during the week, and I think it's the first time I've really studied the Sermon on the Mount on my own. I love learning about the Savior, and I love that I'm able to receive a better understanding of Him and His love through the scriptures. Personal revelation is a real-life thing.

Sister Clark

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