Thursday, July 2, 2015


Our Tuesday appointment with Lori fell through, which was lame! Since we had a member with us at the time, we decided to take her with us to stop by and see a less-active sister, Sister Shandrew, in our branch to see how she was doing. We caught her just as she was leaving. She talked with us for a while, and showed us her beautiful garden! A lot of members here grow such beautiful gardens, vegetable and flower, and it makes me want to grow one, too.. except I don't have a lot of success with plants. When I grow up I want to be able to grow a garden. But anyway, it turned out that it was the 20th anniversary of Sister Shandrew's brother's passing. I'm so glad that we got to talk to her, though! I hope we helped her feel a little better, at least.

On our way to a dinner appointment, we decided to tract in another town in our area outside of Valentine, and we got a couple of referrals from the lady who we were going to for dinner. As we were looking for those people (who we didn't find, by the way. She relied on me knowing my way around town. HA. She has too much faith in me) we ran into a Jehovah Witness named Myrtle and talked to her for a while. It was pretty cool! We left her a pass-along card with the link to the Because He Lives video (which is AMAZING, by the way). When we got home, there was a HUGE moth on our steps! There was a toad, too, but he ran away.

We were able to see Lori on Thursday! IT WAS SO AWESOME. I absolutely love her to death. The member who came with us bore her testimony, and it was pretty amazing. She doesn't think that she knows a whole lot, but her conviction about the gospel is quite inspiring. I want to be like her one day.

We have this one investigator named George who will usually only come to church if there's a missionary leaving, or if there's some sort of special occasion. He came for Father's day because his daughter, Kelsey, gave a talk (which was a great talk), and he tells us every time that he'll only stay for sacrament (which he does). One day, he'll stay :) BUT, he came this past Sunday! And there was no special occasion! He just came! I was so happy to see him. It's the little things.
Sister Pierce made me crepes this morning for breakfast. I swear, she's trying to make me fluffy. But I'm definitely not complaining.

Life is to be enjoyed, I think. Men are that they might have joy, after all. Sometimes I forget that, but I have reminders in little things throughout the week. Life is good.

Sister Clark

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