Monday, November 30, 2015


This week was cuhraaaazzzyyyy (Olaf).

LAST Monday, we spent it with the lovely Mackenzie, our investigator, and we went to a Scandinavian park! Memories were made. Pictures were taken.

                                   Our investigator, MacKenzie, with a crazy looking troll!

                                                   A giant horse in the Scandinavian park.

                                            Replica of a Scandinavian church.

Tuesday, we found a less-active member named Dorothy! She lives in a cool, vintage-y apartment building. But it only looks vintage on the inside. The outside is boring and modern. We're going to see her next week :) We had dinner with a family that lived on the Air Force Base, and we had to stop in the visitor's center to get passes. It took twelve years, I'm pretty sure. We were an hour and a half late to dinner! It was packed with people coming to visit family for Thanksgiving, so we had lots of people to chat with :) When we finally did get there, we ate for ten minutes and I managed to spill gravy all over Sister Finlinson, we shared a speedy message about the new Christmas video that came out on the 29th, and then we left. We wanted to go to institute with Mackenzie, but we ended up being WAY late because of the Air Force Base deal, so we only got about twenty minutes of it. But afterward, we had a lesson with Mackenzie :)

On Wednesday, we saw a recent convert named Lori. She lives on base as well, so we had to do the visitor's center thing all over again! But, we met this cool guy named Dave from Wisconsin who's a pastor. He has some sort of crazy lung disease where they're continually hardening and making it difficult to breathe. But, he's super chipper, despite his physical state :)

Thanksgiving was nuts! Sister Nelson in our ward asked the missionaries to help her set up for the ward's Thanksgiving lunch. There were ten of us, along with Sister Nelson and her husband, who were slaving away in the church kitchen, chopping potatoes and making gravy and cooking the turkeys and ham. AND, there were two stove fires! It was all very exciting. We didn't burn down the church, though, so everything worked out. After lunch, the McRae's invited us over to their house for dinner, so we went and had a second Thanksgiving. They sent us home with lots of pies :)

                   Also, some wild turkeys outside of our apartment complex. On Thanksgiving.

Friday during district meeting, the institute teacher, Sister Ringen, came in and talked to us about helping to find all of the YSA-age members in our area. We have a new assignment! Get them to institute! So we'll be working on that this week. For dinner, we went to the Ortiz's. They're from the Philippines! They fed us this Philippine dish that had a crazy name, but I forgot what it was. It had rice noodles with this squid/shrimp sauce stuff, and we put hard-boiled eggs and green onions on top. They also made really good dumplings that, I'm pretty sure, had crab meat in them. And we had flan for dessert.

              This is the Ortiz family! They're from the Philippines. They fed us this really tasty dish with a cool name that I can't remember, and then they sent us home with 25 pounds of rice.

Saturday happened so fast! We went to two baptisms, one for the missionaries in 2nd ward, and one for an eight-year-old girl in our ward. 

                 A picture of Godwin at his baptism! And Bishop Jacobs, and Sister Finlinson, and myself.

We were asked to sing in church on Sunday. So we did. We also got to see the Haffners! The Haffner kids only visit their dad here in Minot every other weekend, so we try to see them when they come. They're wonderful! They showed us that they'd been making candy cane reindeer and other festive things. And they're all super good at drawing! We went to the Pelo's for dinner with Mackenzie and talked about the ways we receive revelation. We watched the Patterns of Light videos, which are my favorite, I'm pretty sure. 

This coming week will be crazy, too! Sister Finlinson and I are going to Bismarck on Tuesday and Wednesday to go to the temple and MLC. And transfer calls are on Saturday! Hopefully neither one of us has to leave. 

Happy December, everybody ^.^

Sister Clark

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