Sunday, November 15, 2015


(This blog was sent on September 21, 2015)

Highlights of this week:

Our branch mission leader set up splits on Tuesday, and we were able to go out with a couple of sisters that night. We're going to make it a regular thing on Tuesdays :)

We learned that baking things as a proselyting activity should be done only during meal hours, before and after proselyting times, and p-days. It's too much of a time waster. But also, people love zucchini bread.

We're planning on staying in Ainsworth on Wednesday evening and proselyting out in that area (and Springview) for Wednesday and Thursday! We called Sister Stoker, the wife of our branch mission leader, who is super excited to come tracting and finding with us during that time. She helped to set up splits out there, too, which is wonderful!

Our car battery went the way of the Dodo on Saturday. On Thursday, every time we started our car, we had to jump it. Friday, it seemed fine, but then on Saturday it wasn't doing too well, so Elder Hawley (our vehicle coordinator) just told us to take it in. So we did. And we got a new battery, just in time to head up to Pierre for District Conference. (We live in the only district in the U.S., besides the MTC.)
We went to the Saturday night session of conference, and then we stayed with the Pierre sisters overnight in their apartment. Sister Anderson got transferred out, and guess what! Sister Mower's new companion's name is Sister Clark. We should've taken a picture... next time.

We had one of the best lessons with George on Friday. Sister Stone gets along really well with him because they're both super stubborn and sassy :) SO, between her and President Johnson, who came with us, the spirit flourished, George was able to learn what the Lord wanted him to hear, AND, Sister Stone invited the two of them (George and Brenda) to say at least one prayer as a couple every day. She's absolutely brilliant. I'm so proud of her, listening to the spirit :) IT WAS AWESOME.

Sister Stone is amazing. She helps me strive to be better. I learn from her all the time, especially from her ability to be herself and have fun while still working hard. It's going to be very difficult to part with her, for sure.
Have a marvelous week! Try and notice all of the blessings that are rained down upon you :)
Love, Sister Clark

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