Sunday, November 15, 2015


(This post was sent on August 17, 2015)

Title: The Pioneer Children Got Nothin’ On Us

This week turned out to be very, very slow. The few appointments that we had were cancelled, save one. And so, what did we do? Walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. Probably not as much as some missionaries have experienced, but more tracking happened this week than I have yet done combined. And, even though the success we had was minimal, I felt more successful as a missionary this week than I have in quite some time. It was a good feeling! Our old mission president said that tracking is good for the soul, and I'm inclined to believe him.

We had a zone training meeting on Friday, and we did a zone breakfast beforehand. The zone leaders were trying to only do gluten-free foods (which was surprisingly easy to do) because there were a few missionaries who can't have gluten. They assigned us to bring fruit, so we made a super cute fruit salad and used a watermelon as the bowl. It was great :) The training was super great! We talked about ways we can help the members realize their potential for and help them feel that they can be successful at being member missionaries. It definitely inspired me to be a better member missionary when I get home.

I was telling Sister Stone the other day that I'm so glad for the study time that we're given in the morning. It's helped me to get in the habit of immersing myself in the scriptures, and I learn so much every morning! It's one of the coolest things.

Hopefully this week will pick up a bit, but even if it doesn't, I've got some pretty good walking shoes. Love you all!

Sister Clark

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