Sunday, November 15, 2015

JOHN 3:17

(This post was sent on October 19, 2015)

Life is good this week. I got to go to the temple on Tuesday, which was the best thing :) There's definitely a feeling of peace there. You can't help but know that it's the Lord's house. I'm really grateful that we're given temples so that we can be sealed to our families forever! Mine's crazy, but I couldn't live without them.
I was able to go to MLC (Missionary Leadership Conference) on Wednesday, and I met one of my trainer's former companions, Sister Broberg. It was a cool moment! She was also trained in Valentine, and we talked a lot about the people she knew and missed. I was touched by how much she cared about them! MLC was focused on how to help us plan better and focus on our purpose. I feel like I learned a lot! President Doneldson from the MTC was there, and I found out that he was the mission president for the missionary district in The District 2.... that was neat, I think.

                               Sister Clark in front of capitol building, Pierre, ND

After MLC, I stayed in Pierre until Saturday.. We had exchanges in Pierre on Friday and Saturday, so in order to save miles I was in Pierre for Thursday as well. I got to sit in on the planning session for our Zone Training Meeting with the zone leaders and my sister training leader (Sister Mower). It was cool to see them take what we learned from MLC and see how they can help our zone be better. I also watched the 12 Steps to Change videos, which are about addiction recovery. However, I recommend that everyone sees them! It's so helpful to understand how they feel, and the principles apply to everyone.

Church this week had a theme of missionary work! I was so motivated by the speakers in sacrament to go out and share the gospel, which is good, because that's my job! Overall, I was just impressed by the thought that you don't have to do crazy big things to be a missionary. One of the speakers had a list called "22 Ways to Hasten the Work for the Faint of Heart." It was way helpful!

I had a couple of really cool moments this week, and one of them happened when Sister Mower and I, on exchanges, were drawing the Plan of Salvation on the sidewalk (with chalk, silly). I know that a lot of people will walk by it and either not care or laugh at it, but that's alright. We go on missions and share this message to find those people who are searching for it. We're going to come across a lot of people who aren't, but that doesn't mean we should stop trying!

I also really love John 3:17, because it points out that Christ came to redeem and not to condemn. I get discouraged because of my imperfections and inadequacy compared to him, but he didn't intend for that to happen. Jesus Christ wants us to know of his love, as well as God's infinite love, for us. They want us to succeed! They want us to see that it is possible to obtain perfection, even if not in this life. Everything is stacked in our favor; every trial is an opportunity for growth, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are continually beside us to pick us up when we feel like we can't get up on our own. I know that they love us. We're all trying to achieve the same goal, and we're here to help each other out. And, when we do mess up, the Atonement is there to make us better!

Love y'all! Remember who you are :)

Sister Clark

                              Sister Clark meets Sister Clark once again!

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