Sunday, November 15, 2015


(This post was sent on August 26, 2015)

My biggest lesson this week was on obedience, I think.

Throughout the week, there have been days where I have felt diligent, and days where I think I could have been better. The Lord has promised abundant blessings from obedience, and He has also promised that we can know for ourselves whether or not what He's asking us to do is inspired. I've made it a goal this week to be exactly obedient! I've also made it a goal to open my mouth and talk to EVERYONE.

There's no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. I can personally testify of the latter part, especially.

I've also made the joyful discovery of Paul this week, and the New Testament. Who knew it was so wonderful! I really love Ephesians, Romans, and the Corinthians.... more discoveries to follow, but that's it for now. Paul was such an amazing missionary! His words were powerful, and he was super in-tune with the Spirit. I can't help but feel a peaceful affirmation that his words are true when I read them.

We had a specialized training meeting on Monday in Rapid City, and on the way home we stopped in a town named Wall, famous for its historical drug store:  Wall Drug. They've made it a pretty big tourist place. It was really cool, though!

 Life is good.

Sister Clark

                             Sister Clark and Sister Stone on the way to Rapid City

                                      Sister Clark meets Sister Cavey again!

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